Services explained

C, X and Ku band uplink/downlink services

Santander Teleport has access to geostationary satellites in the 65 degrees West to the 60 degrees East arc and extends its reach globally through international partner teleports. Satellite communication services are provided in C, X, Ku and Ka bands for enterprise and government organisations in a number of markets including maritime, enterprise, broadcast and defence. Santander Teleport is also ideally located in the intersection between XTAR satellites.

Connectivity to global POPs and end customer premises

Connectivity to customers offices and headquarters via terrestrial connectivity through international points of presence, or directly to end customer premises. The teleport is connected to the outside world via separate fibre ducts and physical fibre extended to separate local POPs for maximum availability when connecting to the bigger world.

Internet services

Connecting to the Internet backbone through high capacity connectivity landing at the teleport.

Monitoring services

Remote carrier and video monitoring services allow operators to have an extra pair of eyes looking after their services, or even access monitoring data from their offices.

Satellite backhaul

Satellite backhaul services enable telecom, mobile operators and Internet service providers, extending their networks to areas where terrestrial connectivity is not widely deployed or lack the high levels of availability required provide new mobile and internet services to enterprises and consumers.

Equipment co-location

Customers can host their equipment at Santander Teleport state-of-the-art protected and secured facilities. Dual power feeds to each rack, protected with redundant UPS batteries, diesel generators and redundant cooling systems allow mission-critical services to run without disruption.

Our special secured rack room designed to NATO specifications provides a co-location environment to the highest security environment for government and military services.

Disaster recovery

Providing ad hoc and permanent disaster recovery and business continuity services to ensure that critical services are always on. Satellite is a perfect alternative to existing satellite and terrestrial networks that need the extra level of availability.

Broadcast contribution / distribution

Contribution and Distribution services for broadcasters and media platforms on a permanent or ad hoc basis, enabling TV services to extend their reach to new territories

Custom-tailored VSAT networks

VSAT networks provide reliable connectivity to remote locations or hostile environments. Our VSAT services provide you with real-time business-critical communications for voice, video and data.