Mobile operators and Internet service providers can extend their markets into remote areas through Santander Teleport satellite backhaul services. Santander Teleport provides point to point (SCPC) and point to multipoint networks with access to the Internet backhaul through high tier Internet providers.

Satellite back-up links are the ideal fibre restoration service to protect mission critical communications, particularly in areas where fibre infrastructure is still maturing and single points of failure in the fibre network can cause severe outages with several days of restoration times.


Enterprises and banks with geographically spread offices can consolidate the voice and data communications via hybrid satellite and terrestrial networks. Santander teleport can provide solutions based on customer requirements to optimize bandwidth use and deliver reliable and secure communications for financial institutions, engineering, construction and energy companies worldwide.


Leisure, commercial, and government vessels have a need for regional and global communications at sea. Voice communications and Internet services for crew and passengers are a must, whilst access to corporate applications and sharing of real-time data is becoming increasingly important across different vertical markets.

Santander Teleport provides VSAT maritime services with global connectivity and roaming across satellite footprints. Requirements for each customer are assessed to provide dedicated solutions that include specialized project engineering and support services.

TV broadcasting

Content owners, broadcasters, platform operators and media service providers need to distribute video feeds across multiple territories. Santander Teleport provides global distribution through its ground facilities in Spain and service partners in the US to provide contribution, primary distribution and direct to home services.

Oil and gas

From exploration activities at land and at sea, energy production plants in remote and harsh environments, to electricity and gas distribution networks, the requirements for connectivity are growing in this diverse and specialized market. Onshore and offshore.

Santander Teleport provides reliable communications that enable remote plants, rigs and vessels to share data in real-time with main offices, access corporate applications, VOIP and secure Internet access at land and sea. Remote monitoring and control of remote generation plants such as geographically dispersed wind farms are made possible via SCADA networks accessible via satellite and terrestrial networks.

A complete service that includes consultancy, project engineering, maintenance and support, delivers solutions that are customised to individual needs.


Governments and Military applications require fast and secure communications for mission critical environments and welfare communications to support forces deployed in the field. Santander Teleport has access to C, Ku and X band antennas and it is located in the intersection of the XTAR-EUR and XTAR-LANT satellites as well as the Astrium Skynet satellite fleet. Customers can have peace of mind by deploying their critical communications equipment in our secure room built to NATO standards and located in our facilities managed 24/7/365 by our operations team.